20/20? Warren Says Dems Don’t Have a Clear Vision in Trump Era

By NTK Staff | 05.26.2017 @2:34pm
20/20? Warren Says Dems Don’t Have a Clear Vision in Trump Era

Elizabeth Warren had a simple response when asked if Democrats have a "clear, alternative vision" in the Trump era: "No!"

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) may want to seize the Democratic Party’s torch in 2020 and take on President Trump, but for now she’s admitting her own party doesn’t have a clear vision.

The admission came in Warren’s interview with TIME, published on Thursday:

[TIME:] Do you think the Democratic Party has put forth a clear, alternative vision to Trump’s?

[WARREN:] No! If we had, we’d be in the majority in the House and Senate and we’d have the White House.

Warren did lay out an agenda for her Democratic Party, however.

[WARREN:] Look at the core elements: Every kid is entitled to an education without getting crushed by student-loan debt. Raise the minimum wage. Make bigger investments in infrastructure. Expand Social Security. More banking regulations. Make people at the top pay their fair share in taxes. All of those are supported by the American people by about 2 to 1. The progressive agenda is America’s agenda.

Warren did not specify how much debt-free college, a higher minimum wage, and expanded Social Security will cost taxpayers and businesses, but she did suggest that more taxes will pay for these items.

Will the voters Hillary Clinton failed to win in 2016 latch on to Warren’s message of higher taxes, more government spending, and more regulation in 2020? Warren may have to run herself to find out.

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