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3 Sad Facts About the Guy Who Answers Hillary’s Mail

Robert Russo has been dedicated to answering Hillary Clinton’s “fan mail” for the better part of a decade… and he still is.

Hillary Clinton Commencement

BuzzFeed News published an interview with Hillary Clinton’s Director of Correspondence and Briefings, Robert Russo, on Memorial Day. The 30-year-old George Washington University grad, despite holding a law degree and being otherwise capable, is still “mourning” his boss’s loss in November.

See below for three sad facts about the man who has answered Clinton’s fan mail for the past 10 years:

1. He’s worn black all day every day since the election.

He remembers dressing in black the next morning — a dark gray “H” t-shirt, a black cardigan, his only pair of black pants — because he has worn black clothes almost every day since.


He has taken his post-2016 commitment to a black wardrobe just as seriously, buying more black clothes after the election, even changing his Facebook avatar to a black square.

2. Clinton serves as his inspiration to push harder during work outs.

When he worked full-time at the State Department while also earning his law degree at night, he kept himself going by recalling the inscription of a plaque on Clinton’s desk: “Never, never, never give up.” On jogs, when he’d feel the need to stop or slow down, “I’d think, you know what, Hillary Clinton would keep running. So I literally would keep running.”

3. The emotions from the 2016 loss for Russo are still very raw.

Some days, reading and responding to the letters still piled high in Clinton’s Midtown office, Russo is “brought to the brink of tears,” he says. “Some days, yeah, it completely chews me up.”

“Not to be maudlin about it all, but something died. And something broke. And so much of what people write addresses that. And in a way,” he says, “I think in what we’ve written, we’ve addressed that.”