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8 of CNN’s ’10 Senate Seats Most Likely to Switch Parties in 2018′ Are Dem Seats

Another analysis of the U.S. Senate map in 2018 brings more bad news for Senate Democrats as they face the prospect of actually losing seats this cycle.

On Wednesday, CNN‘s Eric Bradner authored an analysis of the top “10 Senate seats most likely to switch parties in 2018,” in order of “most likely to flip.”

The bad news for Senate Democrats? Eight of the 10 seats are controlled by Democrats.

Here’s the abbreviated list from Bradner (Democrats in bold):

  • Nevada: Dean Heller (R)
  • Missouri: Claire McCaskill (D)
  • Indiana: Joe Donnelly (D)
  • West Virginia: Joe Manchin (D)
  • Arizona: Jeff Flake (R)
  • Montana: Jon Tester (D)
  • North Dakota: Heidi Heitkamp (D)
  • Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin (D)
  • Ohio: Sherrod Brown (D)
  • Florida: Bill Nelson (D)

Many of these Democrats have faced bad headlines in 2017:

If all 10 Senate seats were to change hands in 2018, Republicans would have 58-42 advantage in the U.S. Senate starting in 2019.