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9 Examples Of Clinton Explaining Classification, Despite Admitting To The FBI She Didn’t Know What The “C” On Emails Meant

For someone who told the FBI she wasn’t trained on classification, Hillary Clinton sure talks a lot about it…

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly claimed that she takes the handling of classified material very seriously, but new revelations from the FBI’s interview of Clinton shows she was unaware that a “C” marking on correspondence stood for “confidential.” Clinton also said she could not remember ever receiving any training on how to handle classified material.

Clinton attempted to defend herself on ABC News today:

“There were no headers on the thousands of emails that I sent or received, there just weren’t and the FBI has not in any way contradicted that. There were a couple of emails with a tiny c in a parenthesis, which did not have a header saying that means confidential in this circumstance and which the director of the FBI has said and the state department has said those couple of emails were improperly marked even with that. So yes I take classification seriously and I think the record shows that I have.”

But in truth, Clinton repeatedly claimed to be well versed in the classification process. During her initial press conference on the topic in March 2015, Clinton even claimed she was “certainly well aware of the classification system.” So, here are 9 examples of Clinton bragging about the classification system she told the FBI she knew nothing about.

1. “I’m certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material.” (3/10/15)

2. “…all of the information in the emails was handled appropriately.” (5/22/15)

3. “There’s a whole different system that you deal with on what’s called the ‘high side’…” (7/31/15)

4. “I never sent any classified material nor received any marked classified…” (8/22/15)

5. “There’s what’s called a high-side and a low-side. There’s the classified system and the unclassified system. And even if I’d had a government account, I would have been dealing only on the low side, on the unclassified system, because we dealt with classified material in a totally different way.” (9/22/15)

6. “There’s a whole system in agencies and departments to determine what is or is not classified…” (9/22/15)

7. “I dealt with classified information very carefully and seriously.” (10/16/15)

8. “I always took classified material seriously. There was never any material marked classified that was sent or received by me.” (5/18/16)

9. “I went into the State Department understanding classification…” (9/5/16)

The FBI reported that 113 of Clinton’s emails contained classified material, three of which bore markings indicated as such. That led FBI Director James Comey to publicly rebuke Clinton and label her handling of classified material “extremely careless.” The FBI Director’s portrayal of Clinton as not technologically savvy flies in the face of the image she and her campaign have carefully tried to construct from the start.