ABC News: President Trump Has Received A “Strikingly Warm Welcome” In Saudi Arabia

By NTK Staff | 05.21.2017 @11:49am

Jon Karl seemed stunned by the reception President Trump has received on his first foreign trip.

ABC’s Jon Karl commented that President Trump had received a “strikingly warm welcome” in Saudi Arabia, during a report about Trump’s first foreign trip on Sunday.

“This has been a strikingly warm welcome for the president. The king greeted him at the airport. That’s a courtesy not afforded to President Obama in his most recent visits to Saudi Arabia,” Karl noted.

Karl concluded, “there was a moment here with the president of Egypt where the president of Egypt said that Donald Trump has a unique personality and is capable of accomplishing the impossible. As soon as the translator was done translating it, the president laughed and said, I agree.”

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