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ABC’s Martha Raddatz Takes Media To Task For Trump’s Friday Presser

On ABC’s This Week, Martha Raddatz and her panel discussed how Donald Trump tricked – or, in the words of CNN’s Jake Tapper, “rick-rolled” – the media with his Friday presser on the “birther” issue.

In case you missed it, Trump told followers he would have a “major announcement” on Friday at his D.C. hotel. Media flocked to the event, only to see veterans praise Trump for 30 minutes, followed by a 45-second statement from Trump on the “finished” birther issue.

WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza called it “the greatest trick [Trump]’s ever pulled.”

Raddatz, who will moderate a presidential debate this year, called the incident “such a circus” and asked NRO’s Rick Lowry what the media learned.

Lowry hinted at some admiration for Trump’s media savvy, saying his team must have “used this for all it’s worth.”

Cokie Roberts then added that “the media has been very complicit in Donald Trump’s ascendancy.”