After Charlottesville Remarks, Dem Rep Compares Trump to Hitler

By NTK Staff | 08.16.2017 @2:46pm

James Clyburn compared the rise of Trump to the rise of Hitler.

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler in an appearance on CNN on Wednesday.

“We remember in our studies what happened in the 1930s in Germany,” Clyburn said. “I told a business group down at Hilton Head several weeks before the election that what I saw coming was a replay of what we saw happen in Nazi Germany.”

“Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany. He did not become a dictator until later when people began to be influenced by his foolishness,” he said.

Clyburn then expressed fear that Trump would follow the same path: “We just elected a president, and he’s got a lot of foolishness going on. And I’m afraid a lot of people are being influenced by that foolishness.”

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