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After Latest N. Korean Test, Trump and Kim Jong-un Agree on One Thing

Are the days of “talking” between the U.S. and North Korea over?

This weekend, South Korean intelligence detected plans for North Korea to conduct its sixth-ever nuclear test.

On Tuesday, President Trump responded to a North Korean missile test over Japan by saying that “all options are on the table” when it comes to the U.S. response to repeated tests and provocations from the Kim regime.

And on Wednesday, both sides escalated their rhetoric again. President Trump tweeted, via his personal account, that “[t]alking is not the answer” anymore.

The Kim regime, meanwhile, said that it is drawing a “lesson” that “it should show action, not talk, to the U.S. imprudently denying the DPRK’s initiative measure for easing the extreme tension,” according to watchdog KCNA Watch.

As others have pointed out, the latest escalation in U.S.-North Korean relations comes after a relatively quiet few weeks, in which the president and members of his administration even praised the Kim regime for its restraint.