After ObamaCare Repeal, Media Quick to Predict Certain Death for GOP

By NTK Staff | 05.05.2017 @2:03pm
After ObamaCare Repeal, Media Quick to Predict Certain Death for GOP

The New York Times, Washington Post, and NPR were just a few of the outlets that noted Republicans may lose the House majority over this issue…

In the wake of Republicans repealing ObamaCare, a promise that had been made repeatedly for years, reporters at various outlets were quick to publish stories predicting electoral losses for Republicans.

While it’s impossible to predict what will happen in 2018, a whole host of issues are likely to arise between now and November 2018, making the prediction business all the more perilous.

Political prognosticators famously predicted sweeping wins for Democrats in 2016, and were forced to eat crow for months following the GOP’s strong showing. On Friday, the Cook Political Report moved no less than 20 seats from solidly-Republican positions to more vulnerable ratings following the health care vote.

See below for some of the headlines predicting GOP doom and gloom, and don’t forget to grab a saltshaker:

New York Times: Republicans Get Their Health Bill. But It May Cost Them.

Washington Post: Did Republicans just wave bye-bye to their House majority?

Politico Pro: The House Republicans who could lose their jobs over Obamacare repeal

FiveThirtyEight: The Health Care Bill Could Be A Job-Killer For GOP Incumbents

NPR: Health Care Vote Could Threaten Republican House Majority

Axios: More Republicans now at midterms risk

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