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AG Sessions: We Will Destroy Drug Cartels

Destruction of the cartels that traffic drugs into the United States is the federal government’s top priority, according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who delivered remarks in Arizona Tuesday.

“We will execute a strategy that once again secures our border, apprehends and prosecute[s] those criminal aliens that threaten public safety, and takes the fight to gangs like MS13 and Los Zetas,” Sessions said.

Sessions made clear that the Trump administration’s border policy would prioritize “the dismantlement and destruction of cartels.”

The former Alabama Senator spoke directly to drug cartels: “We are going to interdict your drugs on the way into this country, your money on the way out, and investigate and prosecute your trafficking networks to the fullest extent of the law.”

Sessions then cited his oath to protect the United States from “all enemies, foreign and domestic” as justification for his mission to defeat the drug scourge.