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Alabama Crowd Asks Biden to Run for President

The former vice president was campaigning for Doug Jones for Alabama’s Senate seat.

Former Vice President Joe Biden stopped in Alabama Tuesday to campaign for Senate candidate Doug Jones, but some in the crowd seemed more concerned with Biden’s own political future.

Speaking to Alabamans in Birmingham, Biden told the rally that they did not “need another extremist [like GOP candidate Roy Moore] in the Senate,” as he argued for bipartisanship.

“I’m taking up too much of your time here,” he said, before pausing.

A member of the crowd then yelled out, asking the former vice president to run for the country’s top executive position. “We need you to go to the White House!” he said.

Others in the rally repeated, “White House!”

The crowd cheered at the presidential encouragement.

Biden was mum on the possibility, deflecting back to the Alabama Senate race.

The former vice president would be 77 at the time of the 2020 election.