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Alabama Senate Candidate Says Maybe U.S. is the Focus of Evil in the World, He’s ‘Akin’ to Putin

Roy Moore also responded to a question from The Guardian in Russian.

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who is running in Alabama’s special election for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ U.S. Senate seat, told The Guardian in an interview that he thinks the United States is the focus of evil in the world because America promotes same-sex marriage.

The Guardian’s Paul Lewis asked Moore what he thinks Ronald Reagan would think about the relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

“You know, one thing I’ve learned in politics is not to think for somebody else and to assess what Ronald Reagan would think,” Moore responded. “I just couldn’t simply begin.”

Lewis followed up by pointing out that Reagan called Russia the focus of evil in the modern world.

“You could say that very well about America, couldn’t you?” Moore responded.

Lewis asked Moore to expand on that thought.

Moore told Lewis that Amerca promotes a lot of bad things, like same-sex marriage.

Lewis pointed out to Moore that this is the very argument that Putin makes.

“Well then maybe Putin is right, maybe he’s more akin to me than I know,” Moore told Lewis.

Lewis followed up by asking Moore what he would say to Putin if he had the chance.

Moore answered in Russian, which Lewis had him translate.

“‘Hello how are you.’ I studied Russian at one time,” Moore told Lewis, laughing.