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American Bar Association Explains Why Judge Neil Gorsuch Got Its Highest Rating

On Thursday, Nancy Scott Degan who serves as chair of the Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary of the American Bar Association (ABA), explained to the Senate Judiciary why the ABA gave Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch the group’s highest rating, and what qualities an individual most possess to receive that qualification.

“Each each member of the standing committee then studied that final report and individually evaluated Judge Gorsuch using three possible rating categories, qualified, well qualified or not qualified,” told the committee.

Degan goes on to explain: “To merit a standing committee rating of well qualified, a Supreme Court nominee must be a preeminent member of the legal profession, have outstanding legal ability and exceptional breadth of experience and meet the very highest standards of integrity, professional competence, and judicial temperament. The rating of well qualified is reserved for those found to merit the committee’s strongest affirmative endorsement.”

“Having examined Judge Gorsuch through this lens, the standing committee members unanimously voted that he deserved the well qualified rating,” Degan concluded.