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American Conservative Union Praises FCC Repeal of Obama-Era Regulations

The American Conservative Union (ACU) also slammed anti-free speech protesters outside the event.

The American Conservative Union (ACU) lauded the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) reversal of Obama-era net neutrality rules in a statement released Friday. Their statement also blasted protesters outside the FCC as anti-free speech.

“The American Conservative Union applauds Chairman [Ajit] Pai and Commissioner O’Reilly for taking action to protect American consumers by bringing sanity back to the FCC and understanding the proper role of government,” their statement read.

The FCC voted on Thursday to loosen regulations on internet service providers, giving them the latitude to improve speeds for various websites. Internet service providers (ISPs) hailed the decision as allowing companies to elevate service, while “consumer advocates fear[ed] that many of these new business practices may harm consumers or startups.”

The ACU also criticized “[l]eftist radicals protesting outside the FCC Open Meeting” for the anti-free speech tone of their demonstration. Protesters held signs reading, “Ban Drudge” and “Ban Breitbart” outside the event.

“The Left’s blatant hypocrisy shows why our nation’s founders so wisely included the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. We must never allow governments to silence political opponents; that is how tyranny begins,” the ACU said.