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Americans Overwhelmingly Agree With Trump: NFL Players Should Stand

NFL players have been protesting during the national anthem. Sixty-four percent of Americans think they should stop.

A new poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly agree with President Trump’s stance on NFL protests during the national anthem, with 64 percent saying NFL players should stand for the patriotic display.

According to The Washington Examiner, Remington Research Group conducted the poll following the president’s comments on the topic and intensified protests at games on Sunday and Monday.

The results showed that Trump has struck a chord with Americans:

Of the 51 percent who have watched less football this season, 69 percent cite player protests as the reason.

And 60 percent believe that players should find another place to protest the flag, President Trump, race, and other issues.

Remington’s director, Titus Bond, said that the results of the poll were “very clear” and that Americans “do not support political protests during the national anthem.”

Another poll from Big Dog Strategies showed that 71 percent of western New Yorkers opposed the protests, following a game between the Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos.