Analyst: ‘I’m Not Even Sure There Is a Democratic Party Right Now’

By NTK Staff | 08.23.2017 @2:23pm

"The Democratic Party is looking for leaders," Jonathan Allen said on Wednesday.

Roll Call’s Jonathan Allen said that there isn’t a Democratic Party at the moment and that they are leaderless, during a discussion about Hillary Clinton’s upcoming book on MSNBC on Wednesday.

MSNBC’s Craig Melvin asked Allen whether he thought Clinton would try to become a counterweight to the Trump administration after her book, “What Happened,” is released.

“Well, I think she definitely wants to be engaged, and she certainly is looking for a way to do that, and you know, in the most productive manner possible,” Allen said. “She’s going to raise money for Democratic candidates,” Allen mentioned as an example.

“I think the Democratic Party right now – in fact, I’m not even sure there is a Democratic Party right now. I was going to say it’s pretty fractious,” Allen added. “The Democratic Party is looking for leaders.”

“That’s why there are some folks who want to see Barack Obama come back. Some folks want to see Hillary Clinton come back. The party is, at the moment leaderless,” Allen continued. “That’s a problem for them going forward and trying to come up with a unified, coherent theory in the case against Donald Trump and for what a Democratic vision is.”

“I think Hillary Clinton would like to be part of that discussion as time moves forward here, and I think she’s looking for ways to do that,” Allen said.

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