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Andrea Mitchell: Sanders And Clinton Don’t Have A Close Relationship

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are holding a campaign event together in Durham, NH Wednesday afternoon. The focus of the event will be college affordability, but it is also intended to help Clinton reach out to millennials, who strongly favored Sanders in the Democratic primary.

Clinton’s struggles with the millennial voting block have been widely reported. Bloomberg recently wrote about Clinton’s millennial math problem, arguing young voters still have not warmed up to Clinton despite not liking Trump either.

Millennials were a large part of the Sanders’ coalition, and it seems that the Clinton campaign is hoping that Sanders will be able to deliver this crucial voting block for the Democratic nominee.

Ahead of the event, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell said of Clinton’s relationship with Sanders, “I don’t think that this is a really close relationship.”

That’s probably not what millennials, who are on the fence about Clinton to begin with, want to here before this unity event.