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Andrea Mitchell: This Hearing Has Been a Slam Dunk For Gorsuch

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell said that she thinks that the second day of testimony for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, has been “a slam dunk” for his confirmation.

“I think that this has been a slam dunk in terms of his initial Qs-and-As. You’re gonna see some of the more intensive questioning but they have not, as you put it, laid a glove on him,” Mitchell said during a break in the hearing.

Mitchell goes on to say, “certainly the Democrats under a lot of pressure because of what happened with Merrick Garland, and they are getting criticized by the, you know, left wing of the party for not going after him harder but they have not been able to, you know, shake this guy. He is obviously the consummate witness and very much a good performer in the hot seat there.”