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Andrew Cuomo Praises Clintons at Electoral College Vote

As New York electors cast their official ballots for president Monday, Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo took the opportunity to praise 2016’s electoral losers, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Cuomo first offered compliments to President Clinton, saying “He taught us that cooperation is always better than conflict, and that bringing people together is always the goal. Public service is about accomplishing things that make peoples’ lives better.”

Recounting a story from when Cuomo served in the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the governor said that he was once sent on a trip to Arkansas. According to Cuomo, when he asked Clinton what the purpose of the trip was, Clinton responded, “You’re not there to accomplish anything. You just visit. You just chat. You just talk.”

After heaping praise on President Clinton, Cuomo pivoted to Secretary Clinton, calling her a “great friend” of New York who “has accomplished tremendous good for this nation and for this state.” Cuomo then listed off a number of Clinton campaign talking points in his remarks on the Secretary.