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Anti-Pipeline Activist Wants to ‘Disintegrate’ the United States ‘Off the Face of the Earth’

Activist Joann Spotted Bear called for the dissolution of the United States at an anti-deportation protest outside ICE headquarters in DC.

Joann Spotted Bear, an anti-Dakota Access Pipeline activist, called for the disintegration of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as well the United States Wednesday at a pro-illegal immigration rally in front of ICE headquarters.

“If all of us came together, we could throw a worldwide class action writ of prohibition against ICE and the United States and disintegrate them off the face of the Earth,” Spotted Bear said to the small crowd.

In response to Spotted Bear’s call for the destruction of the United States, one protester cheered, while another said, “Sounds good to me!”

“The same way they want to get rid of immigration, the Native American Indians can get rid of them,” she added.

Spotted Bear indicated that she intended to take her anti-United States case to the United Nations and the Supreme Court, presumably to have them perform the disintegration.

According to the far-left website Democracy Now!, Capitol police arrested Spotted Bear outside the confirmation hearing of EPA nominee Scott Pruitt after she interrupted the proceedings.