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Anti-Trump Protesters Resisting “Fascism” Don’t Know What Fascism Is

While blocking traffic in Washington, D.C. Tuesday night, anti-Trump protesters claiming they want to fight fascism revealed that very few of them knew anything about fascism.

A speaker at the rally said, “Donald Trump is a fascist,” and then asked the crowd to raise their hands if they knew what fascism meant. In response, only three people could be seen in the crowd raising their hands.

One sign could be seen in the background calling the incoming administration a “fascist regime.” Another sign called President-elect Trump an “illegitimate fascist.”

The speaker also asked the crowd if they knew who Frederick Douglass was while raising his hand. No one could be seen raising their hands in response.

The speaker called the current state of affairs in the United States a “reign of terror,” but argued the incoming Trump administration would be a “reign of terror” on top of our current situation.