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Antifa Extremists Clash With Police, Burn American Flag in Boston

Violent protesters also threw bottles of urine at police forces.

Over the weekend, counter-protesters descended on Boston to protest a so-called “free speech rally,” with left-wing Antifa extremists among the thousands who appeared. Antifa, who advocates violent ‘resistance’ to their ideological enemies, made their presence known.

Some Antifa extremists threw an American flag on the ground, before pouring lighter fluid on the banner and lighting it on fire:

Others clashed violently with police. Black mask-clad Antifa threw punches at police in riot gear:

“Stupid ass b**ch!” one yelled at a police officer. “B**ch! You’re supposed to be on our side!” she yelled at another, African-American police officer.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans reported that protesters had thrown bottles full of urine at police officers. Some protesters hit their mark:

Over the day, police arrested 27.