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AP Report: Trump Has Withdrawn/Delayed 860 Obama-Era Regulations

“It’s really the beginning of a kind of fundamental regulatory reform,” one White House official said.

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The Trump administration’s health care and tax reform efforts are taking some time, but one area where the White House is hitting its marks is on regulatory reform.

A new Associated Press (AP) report on Friday found that the administration has either withdrawn or delayed over 850 Obama-era regulations in the first five months in power.

More from AP‘s Josh Boak:

The Trump administration has withdrawn or delayed 860 proposed regulations in its first five months, the beginnings of a regulatory overhaul meant to bolster economic growth.

Federal agencies have withdrawn 469 proposed regulations compared to a fall 2016 report when Barack Obama was president, according to figures the White House budget office. This includes 19 regulations with an economic impact of $100 million or more. Another 391 regulations have been delayed for further evaluation and consideration.

Although news outlets focus more on health care and the ongoing Russia investigations, the Trump administration has made regulatory reform a key part of its first-year agenda.

President Trump has used props to exhibit over-regulation in America and has won praise from conservatives for his commitment to repealing Obama-era regulations. The mission has also extended to deputies like EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.