Apple Accused of Slowing Down Your iPhone

By NTK Staff | 04.11.2017 @3:25pm
Apple Accused of Slowing Down Your iPhone

In a new court filing, the tech giant is accused of slowing down phones in an attempt to throttle tech companies out of business.

Apple and chip manufacturer Qualcomm have been locked in an intense legal battle over unpaid royalties, which has resulted in Qualcomm accusing Apple of slowing down phones in an attempt to bully the chipmaker.

Qualcomm filed a lawsuit which alleges Apple, “threatened the chipmaker to prevent it [from] revealing [Apple] throttled Qualcomm-powered iPhones,” and is “seeking $1 billion in damages over alleged unpaid royalties and anticompetitive licensing.”

Bloomberg published a study last year which made similar allegations:

“The latest Apple Inc. smartphones that run on Verizon Communications Inc.’s network are technically capable of downloading data faster than those from AT&T Inc. Yet in testing, the two phones perform about the same, according to researchers at Twin Prime Inc. and Cellular Insights.”

The Verizon iPhones use Qualcomm’s X12 modem, which has a maximum speed of 600Mbps, much faster than Intel’s 450Mbps modem that AT&T iPhones use.

“Apple chose not to utilize certain high-performance features of the Qualcomm chipsets for the iPhone 7,” Qualcomm alleged. When Apple was confronted with these allegations, however, they claimed there is “no discernible difference” between the two chips.

Is Apple purposefully slowing down Verizon iPhones? If true, this would no doubt upset iPhone users on Verizon.

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