Apple CEO Tim Cook Travels to China to Defend Globalization

By NTK Staff | 03.21.2017 @10:00am
Apple CEO Tim Cook Travels to China to Defend Globalization

The executive made a “rare public speech in China” where he sounded "like the anti-Trump" indirectly criticizing President Trump’s jobs message

Tim Cook, the chief executive of tech behemoth Apple, traveled to China over the weekend to deliver a speech in defense of globalization where he sounded “like the anti-Trump.” As President Trump continues to criticize companies that ship jobs overseas, Apple remains defiant under Cook’s leadership.

Cook warned that countries who “isolate themselves” do so “to the detriment of their people.” Meanwhile, Apple is showing no signs of backing off its China operations.

China remains Apple’s second-most important market outside the United States (although India is rising fast), so Cook’s diplomatic mission makes sense. The company continues to make big investments in the country despite political pressure to bring more of its manufacturing activities back to the United States. On the day before Cook’s speech, Apple said it would build two more research and development centers there in Shanghai and Suzhou. That makes four so far, at a cost of about $500 million.

The Wall Street Journal described Apple’s China efforts as a “charm offensive” in the Asian market. Based on Cook’s recent comments about President Trump, including a letter he wrote to Apple employees in January, it seems Apple isn’t willing to deploy a similar charm offensive on its home soil.

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