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Apple Removes Pro-Life App from App Store

The app, Human Coalition, allows “pro-life and individuals and church groups to pray for Human Coalition’s abortion-seeking clients, who remain anonymous.”

Apple removed a pro-life app from its App Store after misleading stories about the app were published over the summer.

The app, Human Coalition, allows “pro-life individuals and church groups to pray for Human Coalition’s abortion-seeking clients, who remain anonymous, in real time.”

According to LifeNews.com:

After that, this past summer, the pro-life group came under intense public criticism as pro-abortion journalists took notice of the app and began attacking Human Coalition for urging pro-life people to pray for women contemplating abortion. Some articles falsely accused Human Coalition of making public women’s private information.

Soon after those stories’ publication, Human Coalition reported problems with Apple. To make matters worse, Apple was unwilling to cooperate with Human Coalition to make the improvements to the app Apple deemed necessary:

“In July, on the heels of pro-abortion media pushback, Apple notified us that they had removed the Human Coalition app from the App Store, citing violations of certain functionality requirements. However, Human Coalition spoke with Apple and demonstrated that not only were the cited requirements met, but that the Human Coalition app exceeded minimum requirements and functioned better than similar apps from other developers,” it said.

It added: “Apple was unable or unwilling to identify a specific improvement that, if completed, would merit the Human Coalition app’s reinstatement in the App Store. Instead, the effect of Apple’s requirements for modifying the app before it could be re-submitted for consideration would be that Human Coalition would have to completely overhaul of the app — a cost-prohibitive and unnecessary demand.”

In a statement, Human Coalition blasted Apple for its unfair business practices and vowed to fight against “bogus” news narratives.

“Censorship of pro-life voices is a growing trend in the United States,” the statement read. “Pro-abortion media, for their part, have demonstrated time and again their willingness to reinforce bogus and false narratives about pro-life Americans, going so far as to try to bully pro-life voices into silence. Human Coalition will continue rescuing children from abortion and serving women and families until abortion is unthinkable and unavailable in our nation.”