Are Democrats Running for the Hills in Montana Special Election?

By NTK Staff | 04.28.2017 @2:03pm
Are Democrats Running for the Hills in Montana Special Election?

As early voting begins, national Democrats are largely are steering clear in a key race…

First it was Kansas. Then came Georgia. Now it’s Montana.

Democrats are in desperate need of a win, and they have been spinning these recent special elections as their best opportunities to show the “resistance” movement’s gains in recent months. The only problem is that nothing has materialized.

Democrats appear to be cutting bait in Montana, according to a new report from Politico Pro:

As early voting kicks off in Montana this week, national Democrats are holding back from heavy investments in the state’s special House election, believing Democratic candidate Rob Quist still has a steep hill to climb to win a state that voted heavily for President Donald Trump just months ago.

That runs counter to an NPR report from just six days ago, which noted that “Democrats are sensing an opportunity in next month’s special election in Montana.” Democratic strategist Geoff Garin said his lessons from Kansas and Georgia is “don’t give up”:

GARIN: I think, you know, the one thing that strikes me out of both Kansas and the Georgia elections is that you can’t think about these elections in traditional ways that we look at these, quote, unquote, “likely voter universes” based on past history. And past history may not be a very good indicator of what people are going to do in 2017 and 2018 because Donald Trump has really shuffled the deck and reshuffled the deck in important ways. And I think part of the message to Democrats is do not write off any votes. Do not count any voter out of the electorate, even if they didn’t turn out in previous elections.

And yet, give up is what Democrats seem to be doing as voters head to the polls in Montana. The DCCC is not going on TV as it did in the Georgia race. That could be because recent polling has shown Republican Greg Gianforte with a 15-point lead over Democrat Rob Quist. Election Day in Montana is May 25.

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