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As Obamacare Flails, Senate Dems Make Clear: We’re Not Helping

Despite “taunting” overtures, Senate Democrats are showing little interest in Obamacare fixes, even as the law leads to higher premiums across the country.

Democratic senators

Senate Democrats may make “taunting” overtures to the Senate GOP on Obamacare fixes, but recent reporting suggests the minority party prefers attacking Republicans to making meaningful changes to Obamacare.

A Roll Call piece published Wednesday lays out how Democrats have made “attacking” the American Health Care Act (AHCA), or Trumpcare, “a main priority.” This, of course, willfully ignores recent headlines about the significant changes Senate Republicans are making ot the House’s AHCA.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) took to mocking Republicans, pointing out problems with the Obamacare replacement effort but failing to offer up any solutions:

“I have said from the beginning, it is hard to see Ted Cruz and Susan Collins getting to the same place on this issue,” said Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, referring to his Republican colleagues from Texas and Maine, respectively. “What they’re pursuing is a loser strategy because they don’t want to vote for the House bill … and they’re unwilling to give up the basic architecture of the House bill.”

And CNN reported on Tuesday that Democrats are “taunting” Republicans “from across the political aisle” on Obamacare, even as they make supposed overtures to the GOP.

Meanwhile, Obamacare continues to struggle on many fronts:

Will Senate Democrats make real Obamacare reform efforts? Time will tell, but it seems so far their strategy is mock Republicans and watch Americans struggle with Obamacare.