Atlanta Mayor: Ossoff Took Outside Money Because “He Wants to Win”

By NTK Staff | 06.20.2017 @2:01pm

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed didn't exactly give a satisfactory answer to the question of why Ossoff has accepted millions of dollars from out-of-state.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said that Georgia 6th congressional district Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff took millions of dollars in outside money “because he wants to win” in an appearance on MSNBC on Tuesday.

Reed complained about outside money from the other side attacking Ossoff, and he argued that Ossoff was justified in taking money from coastal liberal enclaves because of this.

“When you’re in a competitive election, and you want to win, and you have people whether they’re from the district or across the United States, you accept their support,” said Reed.

“His job is to deliver for the people of the 6th, the district that he’s from,” he added.

However, 96.6 percent of Ossoff’s backers, who hail from out-of-state, may be hoping that he represents San Francisco rather than suburban Atlanta.

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