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Bad Blood? White House Dodges On Obamas Campaigning With Hillary Clinton

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked about when President Obama and the First Lady would appear on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton.

“Having them appear together, is failing to capitalize on one of the most significant befits of having the endorsement of the President and First Lady. For some surrogates who announced their endorsement of Secretary Clinton, if they’re going to go give a public speech it’s hard to attract a crowd, ” Earnest said attempting to evade the question.

Earnest did say that it shouldn’t be ruled out that the President would appear with Clinton but at the moment that event hasn’t been scheduled.

Recent comments by Bill Clinton regarding President Obama’s signature piece of legislation the Affordable Care Act probably didn’t help an already complicated relationship between the families. Bill Clinton called ObamaCare, “the craziest thing in the world” just last week.

The bad blood between the Clintons’ and Obamas’ dates back to 2008 and has been well reported. The New York Post reported in April that Michelle Obama had hoped Joe Biden would launch a presidential run in 2016 so he could succeed Obama in the White House.