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Bernie Sanders Seems to Downplay Jon Ossoff’s Chances of Winning

The progressive champion also stressed the importance of policies that Ossoff opposed.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) seemed to downplay the possibility that Democrat Jon Ossoff will pull out a win in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District in an appearance on CNN on Sunday.

Sanders said that he wants Ossoff to win, given that he prefers Ossoff’s positions to that of his Republican opponent, Karen Handel.

But then Sanders did not seem too high on the possibility of a win in the district. “I think it would be really great if Democrats could pick up a seat in the House, but what I also believe is that is a particular district in Georgia, a conservative district, been held by Republicans for several decades.”

The former progressive presidential candidate then listed the importance of pushing policies to which Ossoff so far has been opposed, like Medicare-for-all.