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Bill Clinton Interrupted By Protester, Decides To Attack Bernie Sanders

At a campaign event in Athens, OH, Bill Clinton was interrupted by a protester who was upset about the 1994 crime bill, which Bill Clinton signed into law.

Bill Clinton took this opportunity to remind people that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) had voted for the controversial law when he served in the House.

“I agree, if I had sent millions of your people to prison or she had, that wouldn’t be good. Hillary didn’t vote for the ’94 Crime Bill, even though Senator Sanders did,” the former president said.

It has been well-documented how much Hillary Clinton need Sanders’ supporters to win the White House, so it seems doubtful that they will take kindly to these latest attacks.

Hillary Clinton was a staunch advocate of the ’94 crime bill, and while touting its success in 1996, referred to African American teenagers as ‘superpredators,’ a comment that has come back to haunt her in the 2016 election.