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Bitter Finney Blames Russia, Fake News & the FBI for Loss

Former Hillary Clinton spokesperson Karren Finney appeared on MSNBC to discuss John Podesta’s op-ed and donors’ calls for a post-mortem of the Clinton campaign.

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing asked Finney if she agreed with Podesta that something is “deeply broken at the FBI.”

“Absolutely. [Podesta] makes an excellent point,” Finney responded. “I mean look [Trump and his team are] trying to make this about sour grapes. That’s not, and John makes it very clear in his piece and a lot of us make clear, that’s not what this is about. This is about we need to know what happened, so it doesn’t happen again.”

Jansing asked Finney how her attacks against the FBI were different from those made by Donald Trump against members of the intelligence community.

“The one agency that said they didn’t want to get involved was the FBI, and they said because they didn’t want to politicize things. Certainly, Mr. Comey did not have that problem when it came to the additional emails that may have been discovered that turned out to be nothing ten days out from an election knowing that very well politicized an issue,” Finney replied, which certainly sounds like this is about sour grapes.

“Do you think it changed the course of the election?” Jansing asked Finney.

Finney admitted, “I don’t think we’ll know know for sure, ever.”

Jansing then asked Finney if it was legitimate for donors to ask for a for a post-mortem of the Clinton campaign.

“It is legitimate,” Finney responded. Finney then went on to blame Russia, fake news, and the FBI for Clinton’s stunning defeat.