Blumenthal Can’t Cite Any Direct Evidence of Obstruction of Justice

By NTK Staff | 05.19.2017 @1:46pm

The Democratic senator only cited The New York Times report as evidence of President Trump's possible violation of the law.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) failed to cite any direct evidence for his claim that President Trump may have committed obstruction of justice in an appearance on CNN on Friday.

Host Chris Cuomo asked Blumenthal if he has any evidence of Trump’s possible crime.

Blumenthal responded, citing the The New York Times report that Trump allegedly asked former FBI Director James Comey to drop the investigation into ousted National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, according to a memo. Blumenthal was careful to describe this as “evidence,” drawing a distinction from “proof.”

Cuomo remained unsatisfied with this answer. “You haven’t even seen the memo. You haven’t heard from Jim Comey. I’m not saying that the reporting is wrong, but it’s just reporting – way too premature to even call it ‘evidence’ yet.”

He asked Blumenthal if he agreed it is a “fair point.”

Blumenthal responded that it was a “very fair point,” but then once again called it “evidence.”

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