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Bobby Moynihan Seems to Criticize SNL’s Political Bent

The show has taken a strong stand against President Trump in its recent seasons.

Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast member Bobby Moynihan seemed to criticize the show’s political bent in an appearance on ‘CBS This Morning’ on Wednesday.

“You said last season was the hardest for you,” CBS’s Gayle King said to Moynihan.

“Yeah, it was very politics-heavy, very Trump-heavy, and that’s not necessarily my favorite,” Moynihan responded. “For me, SNL was very talented comedians playing characters and entertaining people, so I missed that part of it.”

Moynihan left SNL at the end of last season to star in a new sitcom on CBS. He had been on the show for nine seasons.

At times, the weekly NBC comedy show has seemed to position itself as a spoiler for President Trump, with the show focusing on the U.S. leader in recent seasons.