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Boehner: Trump Gets Into P—ing Match With a Skunk ‘Every Day’

The former House speaker gave President Trump some unsolicited advice about how to deal with the media…

Former House Speaker John Boehner told a Las Vegas audience last week that Republicans will “never” repeal and replace Obamacare.

The remarks drew attention for their candor, but in addition to the healthcare comments, Boehner took aim at President Trump, who Boehner said was a golfing buddy of his before he became president.

“I never really saw him as president,” Boehner said to giggles in the crowd.

The former speaker took time to give Trump advice: “Quit tweeting.”

“He keeps getting in his own way,” Boehner told the attendees, referring to Trumps many battles with members of the media.

“I mean, going after Mika Brzezinski or Joe Scarborough? What the hell is the point?” he asked, referring to Trump’s social-media assault of Brzezinski last month.

Boehner said Trump’s seemingly nonstop battles with news organizations were unwise distractions for him and the party — and risky.

“You never get into a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel. He does it every day.” Boehner said, adding, “Never get into a p—ing match with a skunk. He does it every day.”

Boehner added that while these strategies may have worked for Trump during the campaign, they’re not as president.