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Former Education Dept. Official: With DeVos, it’s About School Choice

In an op-ed for Fox News, Bush (43) political appointee Phillip Stutts, who served in the Department of Education, makes the case for Betsy DeVos.

Betsy DeVos

With liberals at groups like the ACLU and the American Federation of Teachers sharpening their knives for Betsy DeVos, a former Education Department official offers a different take.

Phillip Stutts argues DeVos is a great pick to lead the Education Department, because she wants to “empower parents to make decisions for their children”:

I’ve been lucky to work for Betsy and her various education reform organizations since 2005 in Louisiana, Washington, D.C., and nine other states – all with the mindset of supporting policy and candidates that passionately want to empower parents to make decisions for their children. And that’s the legacy of Betsy DeVos. A change agent that doesn’t talk the talk, but walks the walk -by investing her time, people and yes, money, to save children trapped in failing schools.

Stutts warns readers that teachers unions and other opponents to school choice will claim DeVos and Trump want to “destroy public education.”

But, Stutts argues, DeVos “edict was always clear” to work on behalf of children:

Betsy’s edict was always clear – we weren’t waiting for the “10 year plan” to run its course. She acted fast and swift and it may have saved an entire generation of Louisiana’s most vulnerable children.

Louisiana is one of several states in which DeVos has worked on education reform.