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UPDATE: Buzz Aldrin Rescued From South Pole After Health Scare

The 86-year-old’s condition “deteriorated” on a tourist group visit to Antarctica…

Buzz Aldrin Rescue

The 86-year-old was traveling to Antarctica with a tourist group when his condition reportedly “deteriorated.”

Aldrin was evacuated on the first available flight from the South Pole to McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Upon arrival, his condition was described as “stable.” He is being evaluated by a U.S. Antarctic Program doctor and medical team.

One leg of the evacuation involved a ski-equipped cargo plane flown by the Air National Guard, according to NPR.

Prior to the trip, Aldrin, who walked on the surface of the moon with Neil Armstrong in 1969, tweeted several pictures of himself with his travel-mates on Monday:


Aldrin currently has “fluid in his lungs” and has been flown to Christchurch, New Zealand for medical examination. He’s responding well to antibiotics and “is in good spirits,” according to a statement released by Aldrin’s team.

Aldrin posted this picture to his Twitter account Thursday afternoon: