By The Numbers: Uber’s Diversity Report

By NTK Staff | 03.29.2017 @10:41am
By The Numbers: Uber’s Diversity Report

All the key numbers, including "low numbers for women, from Uber's first ever diversity report...

As reported by The Associated Press, Uber’s first employee diversity report came out yesterday and it “shows low numbers for women, especially in technical positions.” The report comes as Uber battles a growing number of scandals surrounding the culture and behavior inside the company. The Associated Press captured the big numbers. Check them out below:

12,000: Employees worldwide, about half in the U.S.

36: Percent of employees who are women (does not count drivers)

15: Percent of technology jobs (think engineering) that are filled by women

41: Percent of new hires are women

9: Percent of U.S. employees are black

6: Percent of U.S. employees are Hispanic

15: Percent of U.S. employees hold work visas.

1: Former U.S. Attorney General hired to lead an investigation into sexual harassment charges

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