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California Senator Declares Infrastructure Spending A “Human Rights Issue,” Gets Mocked Relentlessly

Just a few months ago, Kamala Harris joked about labeling infrastructure spending a human right. Now she’s taking her joke seriously.

Kamala Harris Human Rights

Kamala Harris is the newly-elected Democratic senator from California. After winning her race in November, the Howard University graduate replaced longtime Senator Barbara Boxer, but it appears her positions are no less liberal than her predecessor’s.

Days after being elected, Harris told the Sacramento Bee, “I would be very happy to work with President-elect Trump on infrastructure.”

Then Tuesday night, in a Tweet sent out to her 200,000-plus followers, Harris declared infrastructure spending a “human right”:

Notably, in that same Sacramento Bee interview from November, Harris called the comparison of infrastructure spending to human rights a “joke” and even laughed as she said it, but Tuesday’s tweet indicates she now believes it’s “the truth.”

Here’s the transcript from the November interview:

Q Can you talk about areas where you might be able to agree with this president?

A One area, which is a very important area for me is infrastructure. California has $59 billion in unmet transportation needs . . . If you are ever on the 405 in LA and if you lived in Los Angeles people would tell you it is a human rights issue (laughs). We have an incredible need for upgrading our transportation infrastructure in California. I joke, human rights, but the reality is that in a lot of places in our country people cannot afford to live where they work . . . they commute long hours, and that’s hours they are not spending with their family, hours they are not spending at work, so we should make transportation easier.

And it’s directly obviously connected to greenhouse gas emissions and that is about climate change, that is about public health, An equally important point is that building up infrastructure is about jobs. So I would be very happy to work with President-elect Trump on infrastructure.

To be clear, the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the crown jewel of former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s career of public service, does not list building new roads for Angelenos as one of its tenets.

The reaction on Twitter was brutal: