California Wants 100% Renewables By 2045. How Much Would it Cost?

By NTK Staff | 08.24.2017 @12:13pm
California Wants 100% Renewables By 2045. How Much Would it Cost?

Liberals in California speak in glowing terms of a bill that would put the state on a path to 100 percent renewable energy use – but no one's talking about the cost.

It’s an idea straight out of a liberal, utopian novel: 100 percent renewable energy use.

California has a bill to put the state on just such a path, according to recent reporting by NBC News and many others.

If lawmakers approve Senate Bill 100 before the end of their session in September, it would make California the biggest economy on earth committed to getting 100 percent of its power from wind, solar and other clean alternatives.

The sponsor of the legislation, State Senate President Kevin de Leon, began the push for the bill with a telephone press conference Wednesday. The Los Angeles Democrat called S.B. 100 “a wonderful opportunity to reduce our greenhouse gases, clean our air up and put people to work.”

But one question that goes unanswered by NBC News – and just about every other outlet covering the bill – how much would it cost?

One legislative study done in California acknowledges that “achievement and progress” of California’s existing renewable energy goals “have come at a cost,” according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

But what would the total cost over 28 years of ramping up to 100 percent look like? We don’t know for sure, but a useful reference point may be the $14.6 trillion cost of Mark Jacobson’s The Solutions Project, a plan to get the whole U.S. on 100 percent renewable energy by 2050.

California is home to roughly 12 percent of the country’s population, so to meet their energy needs by 2045 would reasonably take around 10 to 15 percent of that total cost. Do the math, and the plan costs California at least $1 trillion.

So, who pays? Well, that’s a detail no liberal in California really wants to talk about.

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