Canadian Doctor Tells Sanders About Year-Long Wait Times Canadians Experience

By NTK Staff | 09.14.2017 @2:41pm

Dr. Danielle Martin informed Sanders that people in Canada can wait over a year for a hip replacement under the Canadian health care system.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) invited Canadian doctor Danielle Martin on “The Bernie Sanders Show” to discuss the benefits of a single-payer health care system. However, Dr. Martin told Sanders about how Canadians experience year-long wait times under their health care system.

“If I have a patient who’s got migraines and I need advice on how to manage it, they might wait several months to see a neurologist for a non-urgent problem,” Martin told Sanders.

Martin informed Sanders that patients who need a non-urgent surgery like a hip replacement or knee replacement would also have to wait several months.

Sanders followed up by asking Martin how long it would take for someone needing a non-urgent surgery to get that surgery.

“It depends on where you are in the country. Sometimes it’s a few months sometimes it’s a year,” Martin responded. “In some places, at sometimes it’s been even longer than that. That people wait for a hip or knee replacement.”

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