Canvassers Unsure How to Handle Questions About Ossoff Living Outside the District

By NTK Staff | 05.08.2017 @12:45pm

One attendee asks an Ossoff staffer to explain to canvassers how to answer questions about the candidate's residency.

Supporters of GA-06 Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff were unsure of the best way to explain the fact that their preferred candidate does not live in the district at a canvass kick-off on Saturday.

One canvasser asked an organizer how she should respond to that question because “for a lot of people that are leaning Ossoff, their biggest concern” is the residency issue.

The organizer repeated Ossoff’s typical talking points, “He lives right outside the district because his girlfriend is a medical student at Emory and is a resident there and needs to live five blocks away.”

“I wouldn’t stress too much about it,” the organizer told the canvassers. “This falls into the category of: ‘If you don’t know, you can say, I don’t know.'”

“He lives three blocks away and has been born and raised inside the district,” the organizer concluded.

One thing is for certain, though: if the canvassers stick to their district routes, they won’t have to worry about accidentally knocking on Ossoff’s door.

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