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Carrier Worker To Trump: You’re My Hero

President-elect Donald Trump held an event at the Indiana Carrier plant on Thursday where a deal brokered by the President-elect helped to keep over 1,000 jobs in Indiana.

During Trump’s remarks, he credited a worker at the plant for bringing the situation to his attention. Following the event, CNN interviewed Will Cornett, the worker who first mentioned the issue to Trump.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin asked Cornett what he would say to Trump if given a chance.

“I would just say thank you for keeping your promise and that, you know, I believe in you and today you’re my hero. And thank you very much,” Cornett said.

Baldwin followed up by asking Cornett what he would tell other factory workers whose jobs are at risk of moving to Mexico.

“I’d tell them not to doubt the Donald, you know. He did it once, he can probably do it again,” Cornett said.