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Chelsea Clinton Travels To ‘Clean Energy Roundtable’ In A Private Jet

Chelsea Clinton hit the campaign trail for her mother on Wednesday with events in Greenville and Asheville, North Carolina.

The campaign scheduled the events less than four hours apart, but the distance between the two cities makes the trip a five hour drive. Just like her parents, Chelsea elected to take a private jet to get to her campaign stops, including one event billed by the Clinton campaign as a “Clean Energy Roundtable.”

NTK Network has obtained exclusive video of Chelsea boarding a private jet to fly to the Asheville event. Her mother, Hillary Clinton, came under fire for taking a private jet during the primary season, including after an event in which the League of Conservation Voters endorsed Clinton.

The Clinton campaign pledged that they would go carbon neutral, but has not yet fulfilled that pledge.

At the “Clean Energy Roundtable,” and despite her carbon spewing transportation methods, Chelsea claimed that the first organizations she joined were the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, and Greenpeace.