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Chris Kyle’s Iraqi Interpreter Supports Trump’s Executive Orders

Chris Kyle’s Iraqi interpreter, who goes by the name Johnny Walker, expressed support for President Trump’s national security executive orders on CNN Tuesday afternoon.

Asked by host Jake Tapper why he supports the orders, Walker said: “I want to support my family. I want to support my kids. I want to support my own people, the Muslim people to live in the United States. I want them to feel safe. And when the kids, they go to school, no one threatens them.”

Walker revealed that, during the Iraq War, he slept with a gun “underneath [his] head,” and expressed hope that he would not have to again.

Asked about the length of the vetting process, which could take months, Walker said it was “worth it.”

Tapper also had on a guest who opposes Trump’s executive orders, former U.S. Army intelligence analyst Assal Ravandi. Ravandi is an Iranian-American.