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Chuck Schumer Has a Hard Time With Simple Leftist Chant

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tried to get in touch with his rabble-rousing side at a Planned Parenthood rally Wedensday, but he had a little trouble with one of the chants.

The chant, “The people united will never be defeated,” has become a staple at left-wing rallies with its very particular cadence. Schumer, however could not seem to get it down in front of the pro-abortion crowd.

“The people are united. We will never be defeated,” Schumer began, a promising transition from the format of a speech into the chant.

After that though, Schumer got lost as the crowd broke into the traditional chant, stumbling over the words.

“The people are united will never be defeated,” he said at first. The crowd had broken into the tradition cadence at this point.

In the next cycle of the chant, Schumer had to pause to catch up to what the protesters were chanting.

Here’s a version of how it’s supposed to sound:

Schumer did not choose the best time to demonstrate his remoteness from his progressive base, as members of his caucus have expressed concern over primary challenges from the left-wing.