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Chuck Schumer Thinks People Still Use Rotary Phones

If Schumer’s party hopes to reach out to young people, they might want to catch up with the technology.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), while discussing infrastructure initiatives at a press conference on Tuesday, said that he and his Democratic colleagues were waiting on a call from President Trump.

As he said this, he spun his hand in a motion that indicated the dialing of an old rotary phone.

Schumer’s gesture was ironic, given his party’s expressed desire to modernize the communications and cyber infrastructure of the United States.

Even his Democratic colleague Amy Klobuchar apparently mocked his gesture, saying, “We are still awaiting that call to actually work with us. Senator Schumer may have an old cell phone but it still rings.”

Schumer laughed at the remark, but pulled out his cell phone to examine, seemingly confused as to what Klobuchar was referring.

Given that Democrats have failed to mobilize their younger base in the age of Trump, Schumer’s gaffe will do nothing to help the Democrats’ age problem.