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CIA Director: Iran and Hezbollah Are in Venezuela

“Venezuela could very much become a risk to the United States,” Pompeo said during an interview on Sunday.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said that Venezuela could very quickly become a risk to the United States, citing the presence of the terrorist group Hezbollah and officials linked to Iran in the country as factors that could emerge in that risk, during an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

Host Chris Wallace had asked Pompeo to clarify what President Trump means by a military option for Venezuela.

“It’s a civil war, I understand that’s a terrible situation but ultimately why is it our problem?” Wallace asked Pompeo.

“Venezuela could very much become a risk to the United States of America,” Pompeo responded. “The Cubans are there. The Russians are there. The Iranians, Hezbollah are there.”

“This is something that has the risk of getting to a very, very bad place. So America needs to take this very seriously,” Pompeo concluded.