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Citizens United Releases Emails Related To Clinton Business In Haiti

Latest batch of emails raises questions about the Clinton’s work in Haiti…

Citizens United Emails Bill Clinton

Conservative group Citizens United released 240 pages of emails between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation Wednesday.

Included in the latest batch of emails, obtained from the State Department through Freedom of Information Act requests and subsequent lawsuits, are 68 pages of emails regarding polling conducted in Haiti by USAID on “Bill Clinton’s image.” Those emails were covered by ABC News on Tuesday.

The emails come the same week as another ABC News report that showed the overlap between Clinton Foundation donors, the State Department, and the Clintons themselves. The project involved a massive industrial park that “underdelivered on projected jobs.” For more on that report, see Wednesday’s NTK Network post.

Today’s batch of emails from Citizens United follows a 1,300-page batch the group released late last month, which revealed that Clinton State Department aides were actively involved in Clinton Foundation business while serving as federal employees.

The group expects to release even more emails “in the weeks and months to come.” See below for the emails released by Citizens United:

Haiti Related Emails From 10-11-2016 Production

Other Haiti Related Emails Obtained By Citizens United

USAID Haiti Poll & Email